"I offer to my clients a package, which helps prevent Alzheimer's, exercising the mind in conjunction with activities and nutrition that help the brain"


I am Italian from Milan. I have lived in UK for over 12 years. 

I graduated in Busness Administration and specialized in Iternational Exchange. I speak four languages; Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

I have studied two years of Psychology, Biology and Nutrition.

I am a lover of art, creativity and obviously the elegance, for this and to honour the memory of my beautiful and uforgettable grandmother I studied Fashion Design and achieved my Diploma.

In the last 2 decades I continued studying a range of courses, for knowledge, interest and hobbies because I enjoy gaining new skills. courses include; Therapeutic massages , Medicinal plants and herbs ,Crafts, Beautician, Flower Arranging etc.

For many years, i continued with my researsh to the latest advances of Alzheimer's Dementia ,Cancer and Parkinson's. 

Possibly you will be wondering, how do I end up working in the Professional Care Sector. Why not ?

I must point out that first I am a practicing Christian believer.

I believe that God gave me the gift of serving, and put compassion in my heart towards the vulnerable people who suffer or need some kind of help.

I consider myself an active and not a monotonous person. One day i understood that many of the skills i have are extreemely useful in this sector and to help people with Alzheimer's, Dementia ,Cancer and Parkinson's, and that It is not written anywhere that people with these skills can not work in the Professional Care Sector. These diseases attack people of all levels, so, why not put all my knowledge together and give to my clients the best I have and obviously giving the specific care they need?

On enquiry I can elaborate the details of the various Care Packages i can offer for a particular set of conditions.

My moto to give the person the best quality of life and help achieve a level of independence. Prevention and Improvement.

For example, loss of memory can be in at least two types, by accident and the another (Alzheimer's and Dementia), by in most cases at the roots, deep emotional problems and memories. For this is the reason the pschological support must be tailored to the requirements of the individual.

In my Care Packages can include, psychological support, activities (mental and physical), nutrician and spiritual support (particularly to those who are in the later stages of life), and other things which can benefit the person.

Update with :

DBS Enhanced Certifictae

Care Certificate

Professional Reference

Email me for more information and prices, please see my contact details below.




Email: info@professionalmulticares.co.uk

Phone: +44(0)7771901484

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